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Lil' Fingers Storybooks are animated stories for parents to read with their kids. Stories are presented with large text and big buttons for Little fingers to click on.

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Beth El on Purim 
URL: http://rj.org/uahc/congs/ma/ma002/purim.html
This is the anniversary of the day the fighting against the anti-semitic forces occurred; Purim is the day the victorious Jews rested and celebrated. According to the Book of Esther, the fight against the anti-semites in the capital city of Shushan took a day longer than in the rural areas.

Beth El on Purim  URL: http://shamash.org/reform/uahc/congs/ma/ma002/purim.html
In commemoration of this, the Book of Esther says that Purim is celebrated a day later in cities, on the day now known as "Shushan Purim." You can learn more about Purim by attending the workshop Sunday, March 3rd at 9:30 am.

ISRAEL'S, the Judaica Centre now ships shaloch manot to your friends and family in Israel
http://www.israelsjudaica.com/purim.htm     (Size 7.4K)   Document date: 18 Feb 1998

Chocolate Emporium Purim Specials
The Chocolate Emporium - Purim Specials
http://www.choclat.com/purim/     (Size 6.1K)   Document date: 9 Feb 1998

Dr. Syllabus - A checklist for Purim 
URL: http://www.jajz-ed.org.il/festivls/purim/pusyl.html
For example, a lesson(s) about the story of Purim in Grade 1 will be very different from a lesson in Grade 6 or 10, both in terms of the subject matter the detail and the level of sophistication. Megilla (ritual aspects, blessings, letter format, time of reading, obligation of women).

JCN Purim

Jewish Purim Sounds and Classes of Torah Audio of 613.org
Purim and Jokes at 613.org. Thanking Hashem for his kindness, we offer these audio classes:. All these sounds are in "Real Audio" sound format. You will need free real audio
http://www.613.org/purim.html     (Size 7.8K)   Document date: 28 Oct 1997

Maven - Jewish/Israel Index (Purim) 
URL: http://www.maven.co.il/subjects/idx127.htm
Orthodox take on the rabbis' directions to drink heavily on Purim. Offers background information on Purim, feminist insights on Esther's Scroll, activities for children, youth, families, teachers and youth leaders.

Multi-Media Purim Play - Diaspora Yeshiva presents a multi media Purim play with music, voices and pictures. A free down-laodable coloring book is available.

Purim Curriculum - offers background information on Purim, feminist insights on Esther's Scroll, activities for children, youth, families, teachers and youth leaders.

Purim Festival - play the Purim game. Purim fun for the whole family.

Purim Game - answer Purim questions and win a prize. Sponsored by Chabad of Maryland.

Purim Programme - female role models in Megilah Esther.

Purim on the Net - A celebration of the most festive of Jewish holidays. A time of prizes, noisemakers, costumes and treats. Sponsored by the Jewish Post of NY.

Purim, Parody and Pilpul

Purim - Jewish American Culture Net Links
Information and resources pertaining to Purim, from your Mining Company Guide
http://jewishamculture.miningco.com/msubPurim.htm     (Size 11.1K)   Document date: 5 Feb 1998

Purim its our custom to read the megillah, sent at least two ready food items to Family and/or Friends( Shalach Monos) , give charity to the poor , eat a festive meal & of course to be ..
http://www.judaicaonline.com/CT_Purim/CT_PM.htm     (Size 4.4K)   Document date: 26 Feb 1997

The Rabbi's Reflection
Adar, the month of Purim, is upon us. As the Talmud tells us: Mishenikhnas Adar, marbim be-simha. "When the month of Adar arrives, we greatly increase our joy!" Adar is the twe
http://www2.libertynet.org/~orhadash/hake0396/art11.html     (Size 4.6K)   Document date: 15 Feb 1998

Virtual Jerusalem - All About Purim 
URL: http://www.virtual.co.il/city_services/holidays/purim/edusguid.htm
A serious selection of traditional commentaries on the Megilla that add depth to our understanding of the classic Purim story. The roots for eating traditional foods on Purim are discussed, and delicious recipes presented for how to prepare them.

Yom Tov Purim Page - information on Purim and a detailed discussion of the Megillas Ester.

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