JEWISH AND KOSHER SPAIN ספרד - קהילות יהודיות ואוכל כשר    

גרוש ספרד 1492


The Edict of Expulsion of the Jews - 1492 Spain

The Alhambra Decree ( Followed by Isaac Abrabanel's Answer)

Expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492 - Tisha B'Av & the Three Weeks

The Account of Elijah Capsali

The Account of Don Isaac Abravanel

The Account of Solomon Ibn Verga

The Vale of Tears, Joseph Hacohen

When My Children Were Sent to the Lizards, Samuel Usque

University of Wisconsin: Conversos, Inquisition, and the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain

Denver University: Sephardim and Crypto-Judaism: Definition of Terms and Brief History

Christian-Jewish Relations 

Jewish-American Hall of Fame - Spanish Expulsion 1492

La Expulsion De 1492

Jewish History Sourcebook: The Expulsion from Spain, 1492 CE

The Spanish Expulsion, 1492

The Expulsion of the Jews: 1492 and After. (book reviews)

Out of Spain 1492 - A Journey through Spain with Yitzhak Navon

1492: Jews are Expelled From Spain

The History of Moorish Spain 1479 - 1492

Jews in Spain - Spanish History

Medieval Spain: Muslims, Jews, and Christians

שורשיה הרוחניים של האנטישמיות

דון יצחק אברבנאל - שר הכספים בממשלת פרדיננד ואיזבלה 8 שנים עד גירוש ספרד