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During the cold war era the Jewish community of Cuba was cut off from Jews around the world and a tremendous amount of assimilation took place. The SSC aims to halt this process. One of SSC's students, David Syiad has been going to Cuba for the past few years to serve as acting rabbi during the High Holy Days. Once he receives his rabbinical ordination he will move to Cuba to become full time rabbi and spiritual leader of the entire country. There are approximately 1,200 Jews in Havana and another 1,200 throughout the country.

Source: SSC Communities Around the World

The Cuba-America Jewish Mission
1442A Walnut St. #224
Berkeley, CA 94709
Fax: 510-527-2514

The Virtual History Tour: Cuba

Synagogues and Congregations in Cuba
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Chabad Friends of Cuban Jewry
Brooklyn, New York 11213
Canadian Office: Canadian Friends of Cuban Jewry
87 Lisa Crescent, Thornill, Ontario, Canada, L4J 2N2
Tel: 416.855.4553
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