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Keeping kosher in Bermuda is a challenge both for visitors and residents.  Kosher products are not readily available in the local grocery stores.  Several families get together to order kosher meats from the U.S. to be specially shipped in.  But in general, even common prepared food, dairy products, and wines do not have kosher heckshers.  Kosher visitors can find a wide selection of restaurants that serve a variety of fish dishes and vegetarian meals but there is no true Kosher restaurant.  Strictly kosher visitors must ask for kosher meals to be specially shipped in for them (the Sonesta Hotel is particularly good for this) or they must rent accommodations with a kitchen and bring in their own food. 
Source: Visiting Bermuda

High Holiday Services:
The US Navel Air Station Chapel

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The Unitary  Foundation
75 Reid Street, Hamilton

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Diana Lynn
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